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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! They use one of the largest tenant screening agencies in the nation to provide them up to date information such as credit reports, criminal back ground checks, bad check history, and so on. They also, request verification of employment, income, and past tenancy. They require that the income of the tenants to be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount.

No! They are one of the few management companies that still requires a leasing agent or Realtor to accompany all prospective tenants during the viewing of the rental property.

YES! However, in today's market that requires owner participation. Properties must not be over-priced, and be in above-average condition. Prospective tenants today have an abundance of rental properties to choose from. Homes/Units that offer the "best for less" are the first to be rented. Pensacola Home Rental's leasing agents have a more responsive property showing attitude. Most properties are shown the "same day" of the tenant inquiry. Their leasing agents are constantly available to show "after 5 Pm". Many other management companies are closed at 4 Pm and some closed half days during the work week.

Pensacola Home Rentals leasing agents comply fully with Fair Housing rules. However, you can choose not to allow those with pets or smokers to rent your property. However, you cannot deny a "service animal". Please note: There are a tremendous amount of pet owners today and choosing to restrict those with pets can severely minimize opportunity in securing a tenant.

Pensacola Home Rentals requires you maintain "owner, landlord and tenant" insurance. This type policy is what is required by the insurance company to protect you in a "investor" environment. When you rent out the home, your typical homeowner policy does not apply. For one, you don't need coverage on "content" because your personal items are no longer in the home. Your insurance agent should be able to council you and provide the appropriate coverage.

Yes. They have years of working relationships with all types of service personnel like a handy person, painter, carpet cleaner, carpet installer, cleaning person, and so on. They also have years of good working relationships with licensed contractors that specialize in heat, air, roofing, natural gas, electrical, plumbing, and structural.

Pensacola Home Rentals' management team works hard to document any repairs that may be a result of the tenant's actions. They collect a rental deposit in the amount of the first month's rent. This can be used to offset expenses for tenant caused damages. If they can establish a direct cause by a tenant for items like commode back up, disposal issues, and so on, this will be an immediate charge to the tenant for the cost of the repair. However, homeownership is an ongoing maintenance project and items such as exterior painting, weather proofing, roof repairs, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, pool pumps, and al. etc., are the responsibility of the owner.

At Pensacola Home Rentals, rent is due on the 1st of each month, and late on the 4th(midnight). If rent is not received by the start of business on the 5th, a three day notice is posted for non-payment of rent. If there is no tenant response to this notice, they can move toward allowing the tenant to "voluntarily" surrender the property (in most cases this is best for you as it avoids an eviction expense). If this is not successful, their attorney can begin the eviction process provided that the owner's account has funds for filing fees.  

*NOTE: With current market conditions, it may be best to try due diligence to work with the tenant (within reason) to get past due rents paid. Some tenants get back to on time rental payments. This saves owners eviction expenses and probable prolonged vacancies.

No, Pensacola Home Rentals assumes financial responsibility for all initial expenses associated with getting your property rented. These expenses include, but are not limited to: advertising dollars, signage, trip cost for the multiple showings, additional time for set-up of owner account in computer database, in depth inspection of home or unit, recoding appliances documentation, and digital documentation of the entire property.

No. Even though management oversight and monthly account services are still needed on vacant properties.

They charge only 10% of the monthly rental amount during the time in which the home or unit is rented. They have not increased their management charges in over 15 years.

There is a new account fee of $200.00 per home or unit. (Note Question#9). This is not charged "upfront" at the signing of the management contract. It will not be charged and payable until the unit is rented. This fee is not recurring and is a one time charge only.


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