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Property management is like the weather in Florida, always changing. Therefore, your management company must be responsive to those regulatory changes.

The staff at Pensacola Home Rentals maintains those ongoing educational calendars to remain current with progressive management and leasing techniques, updates to fair housing rules, and the ever changing landlord/tenant laws.

"We can never remove all the risk of owning rental property, but we have systems and policies that have proven through the years to greatly reduce the stress of risks."

Property Management:

  • 24hr rental unit information hotline¬†¬†
  • Annual site and life/safely inspections
  • Annual rehabilitation inspections
  • Attorney prepared leases
  • Attorney eviction coordination and oversight.
  • Attorney prepared tenant notices
  • Collection agency assistance
  • Competitive bidding for repairs¬†
  • Complete property record keeping
  • Digital condition documentation
  • Enforcement for leasing compliance
  • Escorted showings (no keys passed out)
  • Extensive marketing plan
  • In depth prospective tenant screening.
  • Minor repair coordination
  • Property condition reports
  • Realistic assessment of rental rates by Certified Appraiser
  • Rehabilitation suggestions for better market appeal
  • Responsive property showings
  • Responsive maintenance
  • Section 8 housing over site
  • Skilled negotiations of tenant issues
  • Term inspections
  • Qualified venders

***Pensacola Home Rentals has a Florida Licensed Building Contractor, State Certified Appraiser, and Certified Home Inspector, in office for consultations.

Financial Management and Reporting:

  • Better peace of mind
  • Collect rental deposits
  • Disbursal of deposits in accordance with State law
  • Electronic Direct deposits of monthly proceeds
  • Maintain records of homeowners' accounts
  • Monthly account summaries
  • Online statements, invoices, and reports
  • Prepare end of year account summaries and 1099's
  • Rent Collections
  • Receive, review, and pay vender invoices
  • Trust and escrow account services
  • Quarterly Certified Bookkeeper Audits


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