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APPLICATIONS are processed on a “first come, first serve” basis. Application fees will NOT be returned for any reason (Application fees are spent on your behalf to credit reporting companies, research organizations, and convenience processing fees).  We strongly suggest that you contact us at “just” prior to making application to make sure a property is still available.

Please take the following steps to a successful online application:

STEP 1: Review the “Selection Criteria” (Selection Criteria)

STEP 2: Review the “sample” copy of your lease (Sample Lease)
(NOTE: The Body of the lease is for your review. The rental amounts and fees WILL vary per tenant)

STEP 3: Complete the following form. NOTE: If this form is not received by our office, your application will not be accepted nor processed-PERIOD!

  1. I have read and accepted the selection criteria:
    (type "YES")
  2. I have read and accepted the lease (contract) terms:
    (type "YES")
  3. Type in FULL name and birthday as signature to accepting #1 and #2
    Full Name:     Birthday:
  4. Full Phone Number (with Area Code):
  5. What property are you submitting an application for:

STEP 4: Go to the “Available Rentals” page, scroll to property of interest, double click the photo, Click “Apply Now” (orange button left side of photo page). 

We work hard to complete applicant screenings in a timely manner. Your timely responses to our inquiries are important to making that happen. You can be proactive by having documents ready to provide Pensacola Home Rentals to support the requirements in the selection criteria.

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